Non-Destructive Restoration: Image creation and image restoration is the work I love, from old, faded snapshots, to creating images from old slides.  The process is custom and complex and the result protects memories in a permanent visual way. Those boxes of images that we all have in a closet somewhere can restored to better than what they were when shot. The restoration process does not damage or change the original image in any way. My approach includes archival storage and a numbering process which matches the restored image to the original.


Composited Restoration:  Another type of restoration, which I call composited restoration,  enables any of us to be included within a family images from the past. That when similarities from generation to generation are most apparent.


Visual Memories of Home:  Restored images of the places we have called “home” will live on well beyond one lifetime and accurately reflect times gone by.  Photopainting can take photo restoration one step further.