A photographer whose courses I enjoyed, once reworded an admonition of Ansel Adams’,  reminding all of us that photography is “not the taking of pictures but the making of pictures.”

Photo painting is a  kind of image development that starts with a photograph image.  There are many ways to photo painting an images which include:

  1. Hand painting of a photograph that was taken for the purpose of creating a single painting.
  2. Phone camera image improvement to enhance a candid image. This type of image can be enlarged. I usually print on matt-finshed Arches paper hand draw in missing detail.  This method is used to create subtle shifts of perspective and composition enhancements.
  3. Rendering of a photographic image onto watercolor paper or canvas and overpainting to create a hybrid type of image in a desired size.

Every photo painting is a unique artwork. There are no duplicates. Giclee prints are possible but only in a size different from the original. My Giclee prints are always editions and limited to ten custom prints, hand signed and numbered.   The person who commissions the photo painting will own the image and the rights to have it custom printed.